Born July 20th in San Antonio, Texas, this Blues man is the cousin of The late Southern Soul Recording Artist, Mel Waiters. While Mel was a veteran of the Southern Soul circuit, Walter is making his own mark on the Blues and Southern Soul scene. Like many other recording artist, Walter began his career in the Baptist church. It didn't take long for family members and friends to see that he was blessed with an amazing talent. He would listen to his mother talk to her friends and at night he would listen outside her bedroom to her prayers talking about the struggle to raise seven children alone. This was his first introduction to "The Blues". Growing up in the early 70's, he was influenced early in life by the likes of B.B. King, Little Milton, Booker T & the MG'S and Elvis Presley. Just as B.B. King would learn to master the guitar, young Walter began cutting his teeth on the keyboard. In the late 80's Walter, along with his friend Maurice "Big Moe" Martin formed a two piece band, with Maurice as the drummer and Walter as the keyboard player. The two of them began playing talent shows and local events in the San Antonio area. It was here that young Walter was starting to grow as an artist.


Soon after turning 18, he began sneaking into local blues clubs and playing with a lot of the national and local acts that were performing. By the early 90's, Walter had already established himself on the entertainment scene in San Antonio. In 1994, while attending a blues show which included a lineup of Willie Clayton, Buddy Ace and Tyrone Davis, Walter had the opportunity to meet the Silver Fox, Buddy Ace. Walter described the meeting as a life changing experience and credits the singer with giving him the spirit to see his dreams through. Sadly, Buddy Ace passed away a few months later but that encounter began the birth of "THE Maverick".


Walter is a multi-talented artist in complete control of his career. He's a singer, song-writer, arranger, producer, and overall Great Entertainer. Walter was turned off by record companies early in his music career mainly because of the control the company wanted over his career. In 2001, he released his independent debut CD titled "Don't Scratch My Back," which included his first hit single, "Don't Scratch My Back". In 2003, he released his sophomore CD titled "Laid Back Kind Of Place," which included the hit singles "Doing It" and "Married Man's Blues". In 2005, he released his third CD titled "Staying on My Blues and Keys," which featured the hit singles "Careful Woman" "Creeping" and "Kaylah's Boogie". Walter has since released Top Selling Album “Change it up” 2009, distributed through CDS Records, “Maverick” 2011, which earned him Soul Blues Album of the Year in 2012, and in April of 2013 his 7th Album to date “Diary of a Bad Blues Man. All songs written and produced by Walter.


He performs weekly in Las Vegas, Nevada where he now resides, but tours regularly throughout the Southern region of the United States. His genius on the keyboard has garnered him national fanfare from critics and fellow recording artists. Blues Boy Willie calls him a "Keyboard Extraordinaire". His music is the Blues smoothed out on the southern soul tip. With the boldness and energy of a young Ray Charles, a vintage voice that demands the audience’s attention, his electrifying skills on keyboard, and his exciting dance moves, Walter is one of the top showmen on the Blues and Southern Soul scene. His life inspires him to sing the Blues and his reflections on where he came from and what he had to work with will only keep the desire to see his dreams come true. With Walter Waiters on the scene, the future of the Blues is in good hands.



14 Years and Counting:

Walter is celebrating his 12th year in the Blues Business and is fully committed to spending the rest of his days bringing you the best that he's got.

Has performed on shows with: The Temptations Featuring Dennis Edwards, Theodis Ealey, Kenny Wayne Sheppard, Clarence Carter, Mel Waiters, Walter Wolfman Washington, Bobby Jonz, Jeff Floyd, and a host of other fine Blues, Soul, and Country Artists.

Has Produced Music for Southern Soul Artists

 "Roni" . Song: "Can you light my fire"

 "Lady Brandi": "Shake it all off" ( Music and Lyrics).