The Diary Comes Out Smokin'

06/04/2013 18:00

It's has only been a month since the release of Walters' highly anticipated CD "Diary of a Bad Blues Man". The Title, however may be a bit misleading to those that aren't familiar with the blues man. This project is the begining of what Walter describes as his " Release". The CD has done excellent on as well as CDBABY and sales at his concerts have been of the chart.


 Walters approach to this project is quite similar to the one taking with his most popular CD to date. "Just Me". Walter plans to work it through the channels that he had done previously and watch it grow slow and steady. He says.. "Artist today seem to seek the celebrity status in the business without taking into consideration, the artistry. They want a hit, they want to tour, and they want the fanfair, All of these things are so temporary. I like to take the approach of getting the people to listen to what I am saying and get them to understand that I'm not after their money or soul, but wanting to build a musical relationship with them; for the rest of this life. The money will come with maturity". Wow.


To check out the new release, go to the store link on this page. The rest is up to you. Based on early reports Diary of a Bad Blues Man is here to stay.